Wednesday Evening Service


There is a famous song about the little man Zacchaeus. Why did he want to see Jesus?

Zacchaeus was rich, but unsatisfied. He wanted to see Jesus. Money does not make one happy. You’re only poor when you want more than you have. Money is only a tool; focusing on the money makes us depend on it. Satisfaction is just not wanting more. Everyone is content or discontent. Zacchaeus had enough money to give away half of it, use the rest to pay back people, and still have enough to live on.

Zacchaeus was anxious, but hindered. Being a short man, he was unable to see Jesus. However, a little guy can still get to Jesus. Don’t let anything keep you from getting to Jesus. We need Him even more after we’re saved; we cannot live the Christian life on our own. Don’t be surprised when Satan attempts to hinder you. Though Zacchaeus was hindered, he didn’t let it stop him.

Zacchaeus was earnest and in a hurry. When we genuinely realize our need for Christ, we come to Him immediately. When God calls people into the ministry, they should train for the ministry, not train in a secular profession. Recreation is fine, as long as that’s not our goal. Learn to like to work. We must earnestly contend for the faith.

Zacchaeus was obedient and brought down. Jesus told Zacchaeus to come out of the tree, and he obeyed. He did not talk back to Jesus. Grumbling obedience is just disobedience. Although God made man without man’s help, He will not save a man without their consent.

Zacchaeus became a genuine convert. It’s never necessary to make people pray. There’s no such thing as a partial salvation. Genuine converts do not grow all at once, but they do begin growing.

Zacchaeus was happy and joyfully received Him. As a convert learns doctrine, they become happier realizing more what God has done for them. What happened to the joy in Christian living? Our church has a lot of joy.

A real man owns Jesus and manifests the change. Even when everyone was ridiculing Him, Zacchaeus was willing to associate with Him. Regardless of what the world thinks, we should own Jesus. It takes a real man to get out of God’s way but stay in His will. Time tells the true man. Serving God with your life will cost you your entire life.