Wednesday Evening Service


A wise man will not associate with evil. This includes people with a bent towards evil. Every time evil pops up, they avoid it. They understand that what is observable is defendable. Even the appearance of evil is avoided.

A wise man will obey the law. This is both spiritual and secular laws. He is not a riotous person; he respects the law of his hand. This also includes traffic laws. A wise man does not refer to authority in a negative spirit; he understands they have God-given authority.

A wise man will think before he speaks. He considers the aftermath of his words. He makes sure what he’s saying is the truth, and is being spoken in the right manner at the right time.

A wise man will win souls. We become wiser when we lead others to Christ. The reason many Baptists do not win souls is because they are not filled with the Holy Ghost. We should be filled from the inside by letting God have more of us. When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, others are more readily saved. Another reason many Baptists do not win souls is due to fear. Wise men endeavor to win souls in any circumstance.

We should not want to be fools, scorners, or simpletons. We should want to be wise. God never gets angry at His children who ask for wisdom.