Wednesday Evening Service


Wisdom is the ability and desire to make choices that are pleasing to God. Everyone can do the will of God if they choose to; He has revealed His written will through His Word. When we do His written will, then He reveals His implied will.

A wise man will always be increasing his level of knowledge and intellect. He never stops learning. The fool ignores instruction; the scorner rejects it; the wise man learns from it.

A wise man will love one that rebukes him. This includes constructive criticism as well as rebukes from enemies. He considers rebuke as part of positive growth. He understands that chastisement is helpful. The wise man will thank his rebukers.

A wise man will accept instruction as learning input. He knows there are things he doesn’t know. Winners do not stay defeated.

A wise man will know when and how to speak. Even more, he knows when not to speak.

A wise man will listen to counsel. Many people ignore Biblical counsel, but the wise man heeds it. Often the counsel is to do something when the counselee does not understand how it will help, but many times it is the process that is helpful.

Wisdom will rub off on others. We live what we believe, and we become like our friends. We must discern who is wise; wise people conduct themselves well around the opposite sex, handle themselves in contention, and examine all aspects of a given situation.