Sunday Morning Service


“Without” is a state of not having something, or to be on the outside. Jesus was crucified outside the gate, as the world’s way of rejecting Him. We sometimes feel like we have to do without the world’s pleasures, but in truth it is the world that is without – without Christ.

Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins. OT sacrifices required shedding blood, and Jesus had to shed His blood.

Without faith, it is impossible to please God. Faith is essential. Everyone has faith, just in different things. We should love each other in faith. Don’t serve Christ just out of duty; serve with faith.

Without works, faith is dead. We need to be spiritually quickened (made alive). Just having faith is insufficient; we should prove our faith by our works.

Without sanctification, no one will see God. How much of your life has God in it? We’re supposed to live holy, apart from the world. People need to see God in us, often through a period of persecution.

Without love, we are nothing. We need to be real. Rules without love are just mean.

Without discipline, we are not sons. Our Father proves His love for us by correcting us. Saved people have a desire to serve God.

Without Jesus, we can do nothing. People can try to live a pious life, but without Jesus they are helpless. Prefer friends who are right in spirit. We need to have Christ’s attributes.