Sunday Evening Service


Some time ago, a certain preacher took the position that it was the death of Jesus that was propitiation for sins; but the Bible is clear that it is the blood. When Abraham took Isaac up the mountain, God provided a ram for a sacrifice. The Passover supper used blood as part of its symbolism. The high priest had many duties which paid special attention to blood.

The death of Christ was necessary, but it was not the death that paid for our sins. His death was necessary for the New Testament to come into effect (Heb 9:16). However, it is His blood that washes our sins away. The first testament did not have the blood of Jesus to seal it.

Without the blood, there can be no peace with God. The world promises satisfaction but is unable to deliver. With God, you can have peace in the midst of any circumstance.

Without the blood, there can be no pardon from God. There is nothing good enough we can do to get to heaven; “nothing but the blood” can take a sinner to heaven.

Without the blood, there can be no praise to God. Lost people cannot truly praise God.

Without the blood, there is only perdition, and that unending. Hell is not a popular subject these days, but it is real. Nobody likes to think about it, but it’s necessary. Everyone needs the blood so that they don’t have to go to hell.

Apart from the blood – apart from God – there is no true love. We owe every good thing in our lives to His blood.