Sunday Evening Service


God does answer prayer. No one else has ever done for us what Jesus has done for us. Only He took the price of our sin. He gave everything for us.

In Matthew chapter 8, Jesus was present with the disciples right through the tempest. After the tempest was calmed, his disciples marveled.

Jesus was a divine man. He was all God and all man. Many other religions consider Him a good man, but He was much more than that. He was a man’s man, not the long-haired sissy commonly portrayed in paintings.

Jesus was a faultless man. The da Vinci Code is completely fictional; Jesus was not as He is portrayed by revisionists. He was not married, did not have a fleet of ships, and did not conceive an illegitimate child; these are all mere fantasies. The real Jesus was faultless.

Jesus was a perfect man. He was complete and mature. He kept every bit of the law. The Old Testament is just as inspired as the New Testament. Jesus fulfilled, completed, and explained the law; He did not do away with it.

Jesus was an eloquent man. The Pharisees regularly attempted to entrap Him, but He always spoke with authority.

Jesus was a rejected man. His own people insisted that He be crucified. We sometimes go through periods of rejection; Jesus truly understands what that is like. When we need Jesus, He never rejects us.

Jesus was a forsaken man. God Himself turned His back on His own Son.

Jesus was a social man. He invited others and ate with them. He did fellowship with them in wicked places, but He never kept them from coming to Him. He did eat with publicans and sinners.

Jesus was a powerful man. He provided justification for all men who will receive Him. The law shows us how much we need Him; Jesus actually provides for our justification.

Jesus was a hated man. His teachings were not always popular.

Jesus was an honored man. Those who saw Him work in their lives gave Him honor, claiming that He was from God. Jesus works in our lives today as well; do we give honor to Him as we should. Honor Christ with our lives and our bodies.

Jesus was a supreme man. After His sacrifice, no more was necessary. He did not have to die many times; it was once for all.

Jesus was an unchanging man. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He ever liveth. Jesus is never out of sorts.

Jesus is a coming man. He is coming back. Jesus will bring His family home with Him some day. In that day, we’ll see our saved loved ones again.

Jesus is all of these things, but He is so far much more. He is far beyond what we can know, but it sure is fun to try.