Sunday Evening Service


Jesus had the weight of every sin of every man on Him at this time. We don’t have to like everything in our life, but we have to endure it. God rewards us for obedience. Jesus’ flesh did not want to go to the cross, but He went anyway.

The sins of mankind kept Him on the cross. He knew He had to become our sin. He had to wait until every sin had been paid for.

The Savior’s love kept Him on the cross. Jesus came to our rescue because He loved us. He stayed on the cross because He loved us. His love for us is sacrificial.

His surrender to the Father’s Will kept Him on the cross. Jesus’ flesh did not look forward to the torture and death He knew was coming. He had to submit to His Father’s Will. We also must surrender to our Father’s will; it’s not about us.

His loyalty to an eternal purpose kept Him on the cross. Many people don’t serve God because they’re serving their pastor. Jesus didn’t do it for pride; He did it for our sakes. We owe Him our loyalty. We should serve Him and follow His will to fulfill His purpose for us.