Sunday Morning Service


If Jesus came to your house, what would you do? Jesus gave many things when He gave Himself; He didn’t hold anything back. The Galatians had become involved in side matters and were neglecting the truth.

He gave His head to wear the crown. Everything we think should be through Him; we need to control our thought life by giving it over to Christ. Our thoughts should be worthy of His crown.

He gave His eyes to weeping. Jesus wept for sinners. What do we give our eyes to – wicked things?

He gave His cheek to be smitten. What do we do with our cheeks – gossip and slandering? Or to help spread the Gospel and encourage others.

He gave His tongue to forgiveness. He prayed for others even while they were crucifying Him. What do we do with our tongue; what do we pray for?

He gave His shoulders to bear burdens. Do we give our shoulders to multiple jobs for the sake of our toys? Or do our shoulders bear the lost toward Christ?

He gave His back to stripes. We don’t really suffer for Jesus in our country. We don’t sacrifice much for others’ needs.

He gave His side to speak. The blood of Christ calls others to Him.

He gave His hands to be pierced. If we do anything for Christ, we are likely going to be injured. Our hands belong to Christ, and should be crucified hands.

He gave His feet to the spikes. Every part of our body should be sacrificed to Christ. We need to be careful about where our feet take us.

He gave His blood for the purchase of the church. Serving God should be in our blood; we should serve God no matter how difficult it is.

He gave His soul unto death. His flesh didn’t like the idea of crucifixion, but He still chose to give His soul.

He gave His life. It is harder to give up one’s life than we think.

He gave His riches for us. He had everything in Heaven, and gave it all up for us.

What did He purchase? Is He getting what He paid for?