Sunday Morning Service


There is a way of thinking that can transform your life.

Take a reality check. We need one once in awhile. The Bible is reality; it is true. God is doing things in our lives that we cannot see. Heaven is a reality. The time when we’re most in tune with reality is when we are moved emotionally by what God has done for us. One day, all our temporal concerns will be consumed by fire, and all that will be left is reality.

Opposition is an opportunity to prove our trust in God. Our troubles are not always problems in God’s eyes.

Live in the reality of Christ’s imminent return. How does that make a difference in how we live our lives? Can we say we are ready to be offered?

The Devil is real, too, and we really have victory over him. He actively searches out Christians; what would he do to try to trip you up? Our flesh doesn’t like putting on the armor of God.

Hell is real. How does this fact affect your life? People in hell don’t want anyone else to come there. We were all condemned to hell until we received Jesus.

A saved person has Christ in them and they are in Christ.

We need an identity check. Who are we in Christ? We were all born spiritually dead; Adam was created in the image of God, but Adam’s descendants were born in the image of Adam. When we get saved, we are no longer condemned.

We are accepted by God unconditionally.

We are considered righteous by God’s grace. We have all we need in Jesus Christ; we are complete and fulfilled in Him.

We are citizens of heaven. Nature determines identity, not behavior. In Christ, we have a new nature; one that is uncomfortable with sin. We are to put off the old man and put on the new man. The new man cannot sin, but we do sin. Our new nature is who we really are; the old nature will one day be no more. Too often our flesh is used to being in control.

If we understood our position in Christ, we should have victory. Our fight is against Satan, not our old nature. We will act our what we believe about ourselves.

Be prepared for your flesh to fail, and be prepared to pick up the slack for others with their own failing flesh. But realize that your flesh is not who you are. Give your faults to God. The joy of the Christian life comes from principle, not emotions.