Sunday Evening Service


You can give without loving, but you can’t love without giving. God did not just give a little; He gave His only begotten Son. If God gave His Son, what does His Son give?

He gave His life for our redemption. He is our Shepherd. We should live for Him and not be ashamed to be identified with Him. We deserve Hell, but we never have to go there because He gave His life.

He gave His flesh for our sustenance. He is the bread of life. When we hunger for something, remember that Jesus is the best sustenance available.

He gave His peace for our enjoyment. He went through great turmoil and agony. He left Heaven to be brutally killed. He did not just bear our sin; He became it. When He went through the hardest time of His life, His closest friends could not even support Him in prayer. God gave Jesus peace that night, and we can have the same peace. The peace that passes understanding comes when we understand He is always with us. We have a hard time receiving this peace when we’re not walking with Him.

He gave His example for our pattern. When God moves in our lives, Satan gets afraid and fights much harder. When Satan fights us, we shouldn’t try to fight in our flesh; we must turn that battle over to the Lord. Jesus did not come with pomp; likewise, we should be satisfied with what we have. Jesus finished His race and so should we.

He gave His Word for our sanctification. Jesus’ Words are Words of God. These Words set us apart from the world. We are ambassadors of Christ.

He gave His glory for our home. There is an incredible place called Heaven, where we can live forever. We will see Him as He is. The Christian home can have the glory of God now. If we put our spouse before ourselves, we have more of His glory in our home. Christ wants us to be in harmony.

What is fitting for us to give Him? Everything.