Sunday Morning Service


We are all in a battle with Christ against Satan. In that battle, we should not deny Jesus our ally. When we deny Him, it’s not always as open an obvious as Peter did. Sometimes people pray but God has to answer “no” because they’ve denied Him. God will correct us as our Father.

We deny Jesus by not being filled with the Holy Spirit. We are not supposed to drink alcohol, but we are supposed to be filled with the Holy Spirit. When we walk in the Spirit, we no longer fulfill the lusts of the flesh. How often do we ask to be filled with the Spirit?

We deny Jesus by not being faithful to church. Church is one way we can encourage other Christians and also be encouraged. Sometimes we can’t help missing church, but when we choose to miss church it’s simply selfish. We shouldn’t get involved in things of the devil.

We deny Jesus by not being faithful in prayer. Too often we’re ready to quit instead of persevering.

We deny Jesus by withholding our tithe. Jesus will withhold His blessing if we steal from Him.

We deny Jesus by not joining a church membership. God wants us to not just attend church, but to join one.

We deny Jesus by neglecting soul-winning. The wisest man who ever lived described a wise man as one who wins souls.

We deny Jesus by insufficient service. Our job is to serve God. We serve Him because we love Him. The saddest state to be in is to be without a burden. It is good for us to bear the yoke with Christ.

We deny Jesus by not being saved. When God calls us to be saved, and we do not respond, that is a denial that forces Him to send us to Hell. As a saved person, we should have a passion for souls. One day we will all stand before God. If you have not received Christ, then make today the day you stop denying Him.

When we deny Jesus, He will deny us. We should live our lives in such a manner that we do not deny Him. Stand for Christ!