Revival Meeting Service


Some people walk on the edge of darkness. Evil deeds cause darkness. Darkness means shadiness or error. It is a place of danger. Darkness can be scary; evil should be scary. Darkness is the place of misery; a life of ignorance; spoken in secret; speaks of the grave; and there are children of darkness. The world is marching into darkness, including even some Christians.

There are evil men and women. God does not allow evil in a Christian’s life. Some Christians live evil lives. Evil men speak frowardly and don’t understand judgment; they will destroy themselves. Evil men have no rewards; they are trapped. Evil women act unsaved. God uses the word “wicked” to refer to the lost, but “evil men” and “evil women” refer to people who want to live like the wicked. God will brand those who live a life of evil; His children should be righteous.

There is an unknown lure of life. If your life is self-centered, then you can’t know God’s will.

God gives a way of escape from darkness. How badly do you want out of darkness? Pride causes destruction. Living a life of evil is not fun. We have a greater God than all fear and despair. Walk out of darkness! Walk out before you cause your own destruction. Darkness should scare you; God will deliver you.