Wednesday Evening Service


As Christians, we must all learn to walk in the midst of trouble. This is an important lesson to remember even in times of revival.

Some commentators claim that David did not write Psalm 138 in spite of the inscription, merely because he refers to the temple. God magnifies His Word above His name (Ps 138:2), the only name whereby we may be saved. New Bible versions change the Word of God, watering it down and making it less effective. Satan fights against Christians, and one if his attacks is to diminish God’s Word. It is this same Word that gives us help in the midst of trouble.

Psalm 137 is the last of the ascension psalms. It depicts a group of people renowned for their singing whose song is now silent. Likewise, the world calls to the youth, asking for entertainment. Do not be concerned with what the world thinks of you.

David praised God with his whole heart (Ps 138:1); many Christians today worship another god in truth. God has respect to the lowly (Ps 138:6) and made a promise to those walking in the midst of trouble that He would revive them (vs 7). Sometimes this revival is a long time coming, but it does come.

In the midst of trouble comes revival – a refreshing encouragement. We don’t have to be a casualty just because we have trouble. God will bring us to maturity (Ps 138:8) by reviving us through trouble. David concluded in verse 8 by asking God to continue doing what He does.

Jesus was misunderstood. Many of His statements were not understood or even deliberately misunderstood.
Jesus was betrayed. He understands what it’s like to be betrayed.
Jesus was beaten. He has endured physical pain.
Jesus was forsaken. Though He fed thousands with miracles, He died nearly alone.
Jesus was joyful. Joy is abiding; it does not depend on circumstances. Jesus went through shame and endured the cross, because His end goal was joyful.

When you walk through the midst of trouble, you don’t have to enjoy it, but you do need to walk through it. Look forward to the joy at the end. Jesus endured His trouble to show us the way through our trouble. He’s promised to always be with us.

David walked through trouble and took encouragement from God. If we let God, He will see us through our troubles, too.