Sunday Evening Service


Satan often attacks by wearing you down. Bad decisions are made when you’re exhausted.

It is a bold profession to claim that one is without sin: everyone has sinned. People who say they are not sinners are just self-deceived. Sometimes we tell ourselves that the whole world is against us, but it’s not true. We need to continue in the Christian life and not let worldly influences distract from the Truth.

There is a necessary confession. We must confess our sins in order to be forgiven. The way to victory over sin is to admit to God that you do have it. God knows exactly where we are, and He is eagerly waiting for our confession.

We have a complete absolution. When we do illegal things, they go into our record. We can petition to have those records expunged, just like Jesus Christ’s blood cleanses us.

God gives us an important admonition. God has asked us to never sin again. This is not possible, but we should strive for it nonetheless.

He also provides a gracious provision. God’s goodness is not dependent on our circumstances; He is always good. Jesus Christ provides Himself as our advocate.