Sunday Morning Service


A vessel is a container used to carry that which cannot be grasped. The Bible refers to us as vessels, containing the Holy Spirit. We shouldn’t get caught up in worshipping our bodies. The potter found a flaw in his vessel before it was fully formed. Likewise, there was error found in the Garden.

The vessel was marred. We are sinners by choice as well as by birth. Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden, and we have all sinned in our own lives. Babies have not chosen to sin, but they do inherit it. The Second Adam did not have sin, but everyone else does. Our vessel is marred, regardless of our pride.

The vessel was empty. Empty vessels are useful. The more empty vessels God has at His disposal, the more He can work through them. We must empty ourselves of selfishness; the world is not about us. Life is not and never will be fair, but God is good. Our own selfishness causes a lot of problems in our lives. We are not void of purpose; He has a will for our lives. When we are empty vessels, then God is able to fill us.

The vessel was clean. We need to keep our vessels clean by regularly repenting to God of our sins. Jesus has saved us out of filth, and He will keep us clean when we go to Him for washing. We need to be clean when God wants to use us.