Wednesday Evening Service


There are two distinct sides to the matter of salvation. A sinner must choose to come to Christ and be saved. That decision is not up to the soul-winner; we only bear the message and it is up to them to accept or reject it. Similarly, after salvation we have a choice between two paths: God’s way and anything else. Our decision in this matter is very black and white.

There are two kinds of spirits. We are either for Christ or against Him. We either have the spirit of Christ or of antichrist.

There are two kinds of minds. Either we believe God or not. Either we are fully minding Christ or we are not. Living with one foot in the world and one foot in church is not having the mind of Christ. The worldly mind will oppose the spiritual mind, and they cannot dwell together.

There are two kinds of people. Everyone is either saved or lost. Our purpose here is to take God’s Word to people.

There are two kinds of death. Everyone dies a physical death, but only the lost have a second death in Hell. Hell is a real place. Born once, die twice; born twice, die once.

There are two kinds of judgments. God sees our heart and judges our insides; man sees our actions and judges our outsides. We have present and future judgment.

There are two kinds of ways. There is a broad and a narrow way. The broad way is popular but ends in destruction. Take the road less travelled by. When we take our liberties and freedoms, we give them up to others; when we give up our liberties and freedoms, God gives them to us. The world’s “freedom” always brings bondage. Jesus did not come to make peace between man and man; He came to make peace between man and God, and this divides man from man.