Sunday Morning Service


Some folks have failed to obey the Gospel. Jesus made a way for anyone to get to Heaven, but all who come must come by that way. Not everyone listens when they hear something, and this includes the Gospel. Both the wise and foolish man went through the same storm, but with different results.

There were two men. One man was wise; he exercised wisdom in building, surveying the area before making plans. One man was foolish; he probably had good counsel, but followed his own ideas. It’s foolish to trust baptism or anything other than Christ for salvation; in fact, that is the most foolish thing.

There were two houses. It’s possible that the houses were near each other in both location and economy. They both looked similar, but under the surface they were different. Only one foundation can make it through the storm: Jesus Christ. The wise man built upon the rock, heeding the Gospel of Christ. The foolish man built upon the sand, ignoring the Gospel of Christ. The wise man repented and turned to Christ. The foolish will add good works, like putting on storm windows and locks on the doors; however, without the foundation of Christ, the house will still fall.

There was one storm. Either house could take a little rain or wind, but when the storm of death comes, there is a reckoning. Death is final. The foolish man thought his house was safe, but it fell. Judgment is coming, for both saved and unsaved. When the foolish man’s house falls, it is a tragedy. This fall is final.

We do not have to fear the fall; we can be sure of our foundation if we trust Jesus for our salvation. If you’re not saved, repent of your sins and receive Jesus today.