Wednesday Evening Service


Not all young Christians turn out well. In fact, many make dumb mistakes and mess up their lives. Are you headed down the wrong path? The wrong road may be long, but there is heartache and pain and the end. There is a point where it’s too late to live the good life.

“Too late” is the heartache of sin. David didn’t realize the full consequences of his sin until it was too late. you do have concerns now, but you must consider eternal concerns too. The pleasure of sin does not promote its inevitable pain. If you blow it with your family, you blow it.

“Too late” is the history of missed opportunities. Many things we only get one chance at. We are only teenagers once. There comes a time when we will no longer be able to get to know our parents. Many young people squander their opportunity to be best friends with their siblings. One day it’ll be too late to help your church.

“Too late” is the heat of a burning hell. Hell is real. The greatest Christians would be former residents of hell, if that were possible. People in hell have no more regard for worldly possessions. We must be faithful until death; this is the greatest legacy to pass to our descendants.