Sunday Morning Service


Jesus can see what you can’t. Jesus meets Zacchaeus on His way to Jerusalem, near the end of His life. On His way, He passed through Jericho because there was a sinner there He wanted to meet. His purpose was to save the lost sinner.

Zacchaeus was a rich tax collector or “publican,” similar to the Mafia of our day. They were rich but despised by everyone else because of their extortionist ways. Zacchaeus was short, so he climbed a tree to see Jesus. When Zacchaeus repents, he promises to make good with all the people he had wronged. Jesus cared for Zacchaeus, just like He cares for every sinner today.

Zacchaeus was little. Being short won’t send you to hell, but it was a problem for Zacchaeus. It was preventing him from seeing Jesus. Sometimes little men don’t get saved because they have the “little man” syndrome. God can save people wherever they are. Zacchaeus had to come down from the tree to where God was; people who get saved also need to come to where God is.

Zacchaeus was lost. Lost people have the wrong understanding. Zacchaeus was anxious and unsatisfied with his life. By coming out of the tree, he was showing his faith by his works. Faith and repentance result in salvation.

Zacchaeus was loaded. Riches won’t send you to hell, but it acts as a hinderance for many people. Many rich people have the wrong motives. Zacchaeus focused on external things; Jesus was interested in a personal relationship, an internal thing. People want money, but they need Jesus. They want to be rich, but they need to be made new. Saved people have a different perspective; the Holy Spirit reveals truth to them.

Don’t just look inside; get inside. Jesus will welcome you in. Everyone has sinned, and is lost without Christ. We all need Him. When we get saved, it is natural to tell the world what God has done for us. W