Sunday Evening Service


The joy of the Lord is our strength. Joy is more than an emotion; it is rooted in a permanent source. Happiness comes and goes, but joy abides. A goal is a dream with steps to it. There are three steps to joy.

The first step to joy is desperation. We need to desperately thirst after God. God has never done wrong; people get mad at God because of something that someone else did, but God is not to blame. Create a thirst in yourself for God. You may need to separate yourself from the television, sports, or other distractions. Sometimes we need to be broken before our heart seeks God.

The second step to joy is realization. Realization is making an abstract concept a reality to you. God made us emotional creatures. When God gives us joy, we need to make it real; allow your joy to be expressed. Don’t let the world water you down.

The third step to joy is dedication. Let the Holy Spirit continue to have sway in your life. Time is always short; we have to make time for God. We need to follow God closely. He will not promise what He cannot deliver.