Wednesday Evening service


The effulgence of God left man when we sinned in the Garden of Eden (effulgence means glory and brightness). Darkness is conducive to evil deeds, but God sees us regardless of the light. The Holy Spirit dwells in those who are saved and gives them light.

God wasn’t surprised when man fell; He had a plan ready to go. When the time came for God to rekindle the light in man, He sent Jesus as the light of the world. Since that time, many have attempted to extinguish the Light, but it continues to shine. Man left to himself tends toward evil rather than good. We as Christians need to let our lights shine by our words and actions.

Bad circumstances may come, but we need to let our Light shine. Our lights individually may not be bright, but together they are. The greatest thing we can do for God is to be His little light. Jesus died, but then He rose again. Don’t let your light go out; let God work in your life.