Wednesday Evening Service


We just faced a major choice in our country yesterday with elections. We’ll have to live with that for some time. Just because we’ve made a choice doesn’t mean we’re done; we need to keep up on those we elected to ensure they represent us.

Duties never conflict. We should choose duties over whatever we want to do. If we put the Lord first, He’ll give us the time and energy to pursue other things as well. We must make choices daily. Some of our choices are not major; other choices may not seem major. We could all use help in making Biblical, Godly decisions.

Consider the cause of Lot’s choice. Most of our choices are the result of influences. God gave us authorities to guide our choices while young. Lot’s choice was influenced by his lack of a walk with God; he had been depending on Abram’s walk with God. Abram as the leader gave preference to Lot by allowing him to choose. Lot chose the easy way.

Lot’s choice was caused by worldliness. Worldliness is more than just appearance; it is a philosophy that includes a loss of respect for others. The morals and taste of the world are right in the sewer. The world makes decisions based on circumstances.

Lot’s choice was caused by selfishness. He wanted his own independence. Love is not about what we get or feel; it’s about what we do for others.

Lot’s choice was caused by disregard for God. He didn’t pray about his choice; he wasn’t concerned about the things of God. Disregard of God is the result of worldliness and selfishness. Remember that every man gives account of themselves; they’ll be judged based on their own choices.

Consider the course of Lot’s choice. Lot’s course was downward. He went from the high ground with Abram down to the city of Sodom. Watch the results of other people’s choices. Young people can walk with God; you’ll need Him sooner or later. Lot’s course was gradual; he didn’t move into Sodom on the first day. Many Christians gradually leave off Bible reading, and they lose their fire due to lack of wood.

Consider the consequence of Lot’s choice. Lot lost his friend Abram. Abram had taught him all about animal husbandry, how to manage his affairs, and how to follow God by faith. Lot lost his wealth; after becoming a judge in the city, he lost everything. Choosing worldliness costs us family. Lot lost his influence; you can’t live like the devil and have God move on your behalf. Lot lost his honor; his daughters made him drunk and then laid with him. Worst of all, Lot lost the presence of God; he was unable to even reach his family. Many people try to keep working without the help of God.

Consider the consolation and correction of Lot’s choice. We can learn from Lot’s poor choices; we do not have to go the same way.

We should make Godly choices. This may not be the easy path; you may have to stand against friends or the world. Don’t make choices that take you out of church.

Have a personal knowledge of God. Don’t depend on your pastor or parents for your spirituality. Linger in prayer.

Don’t be controlled by a desire for wealth. Choose to serve God. Money is not what we need; it’s God we need.

Seek God’s will. Don’t waver in following God; keep Him foremost in your thoughts.

Our choices affect more than our immediate situation. They affect our future as well as others. When we make a bad choice, we need to get back to God. We can stem a downward trend by turning to God. Choose God’s way instead of your way. God honors those who honor Him. Choose carefully; choose right.