Sunday Evening service


This is the only time that Jesus went specifically to Tyre and Sidon. He speaks here several phrases that don’t sound like Jesus; He sounds downright rude. God knows everything, and He used this instance to teach us something about ourselves.

Jesus wants us to be persistent with Him. This woman was persistent in bringing her request to Him; too often our requests are too brief. One reason Jesus wants us to be persistent is that He simply gets to spend more time talking with us.

Jesus wants us to worship Him for Who He is, not what He does. The woman worshipped Him for Who He was: “O Lord, thou son of David.” She understood He was the Messiah. We need to worship Him for Who He is. Too often we act like estranged family members; God created us, and now waits for us to talk to Him.

We must accept His view of us. Our relationship can’t be focused on what we think and what we want. We have no right to claim things from God; we are a purchased possession of His. In serving Him, we get too worried about our performance rather than our usability. Jesus’ view of the woman was not flattering; likewise, our “righteousness” is like dirty rags in His sight. There is too much self-esteem in our country; the truth is that we are all wicked sinners who deserve to go to Hell, and only Jesus’ sacrifice is sufficient to take us to Heaven. We deserve no blessings; we have no entitlements.

We must realize we don’t need a place at His table. The woman recognized that she did not belong with Jesus. When He called her a dog, she replied “truth, Lord.” After acknowledging her state, Jesus turned and healed her daughter. She realized she didn’t need a place at the table if she could just get a crumb. God is so good to us; He even gives us a place at His table. A crumb from Jesus’ table is better than a five-course meal anywhere else.

Jesus will go out of His way to help you. Tyre and Sidon are not pleasant places. The only time that Jesus went there, He only did one thing: He spoke with the woman and healed her daughter. When it seems like our lives are all messed up, remember that God knows what He is doing.