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The fool hates knowledge, but the simple merely does not yet possess wisdom. Fools are destructible; simpletons are instruct-able.

Some simple people are incapable of comprehension. Some of the happiest people in the world are of limited mental capacity. We are supposed to be “simple” in regards to evil.

Most simple people are in the process of becoming a wise man, a fool, or a scorner. Simple people are impressionable. Simple people may ignore or neglect wisdom. They are in training, hopefully from a wise man.

Fools and scorners make a lot of noise, but most people are simple ones. They need to be walking in step with Christ to ensure they grow better. Everyone starts out simple. The more a church grows, the more simple people they will have.

Simple people are morally weak, and are in need of training. They may follow loose or vain morals. We should warn the simple of dangers that they’re heading towards. The simple man in Proverbs 7 was in the wrong place and at the wrong time and with a wrong person.

Simple people lack understanding. They are naive. They are easily swayed by incorrect arguments such as “everyone is doing it.”

Simple people cannot foresee the result of evil. The prudent man is able to understand what is coming. Young people are often simple, and choose to follow their heart instead of their head. It is the parents’ job to train up their children instead of the other way around.

Simple people learns from object lessons. Older children get spanked more, and younger children often learn from that and avoid that behavior. When you pass people damaged by sin, ensure that your children understand the cause of their situation.

Simple people may learn from Proverbs. Christian schooling is insufficient. Parents are supposed to be teaching their children why they believe what they believe. The simple can be made into a wise son; there is more hope for the simple than the scorner.

The simple are a very special group. The wise should pray for them, because the scorners and fools are trying to recruit them. We ought to be learning why we believe what we believe, and then helping others to learn the same.