Sunday Evening Service


A man’s home is his castle. A castle is a fortified residence of a wealthy nobleman. A residence is a personal possession. When a man marries, his dwelling becomes property of both husband and wife. Your dwelling should be a pleasant place.

There is a difference between a residence and a castle. A homeowner may be armed. A castle is fortified. A castle represents a place of protection. A moat of prayer is a good protection for a home.

A castle is a place of ample provision. The best way to provide the provision of prayer and God’s Word is to live it in front of your children. Our lives must be completely given to God in faith so our children see true religion.

A castle has a queen as well as a king. A man should love and lead his wife. Husbands cannot treat their wives as though they were men. A queen is royalty and should be treated with dignity.

Every castle has a king. The King of the home should not be the man of the house. We are ambassadors of the King. Ambassadors must maintain high standards as representatives of their King. Every home should have Jesus as its King and Foundation.