Sunday Evening Service


Our present state is that we are short of the glory of God. We have all sinned and therefore fallen short of the glory of God. The disciples and the Israelites had experienced the glory of God. We can reflect His glory if we walk in the new man. Jesus needs to be first in our lives. When was your last mountaintop?

Jesus brought the glory of God to us so that we can give glory to God. We need to give the glory to God rather than receiving praise. We should give glory to God every day, not just in church. Others should see the glory of God in us.

Jesus was the Word of God in flesh. Even so, he yielded Himself to His step-father as an example for us. Christ was the manifestation of God’s glory. He showed God’s glory by yielding to His Father’s will. He lived the Word of God. Our lives should be a sacrifice.

Jesus received us into the glory of God. We need to receive others into church. Jesus is willing to receive everyone, and we should, too. Often times the world will push Christians because they’re looking for something solid; we shouldn’t push them away.

We have the hope of the glory of God; we will see it someday. Our faith will become sight. We can rejoice in our future, even if our present circumstances are bad.

One day, everyone will admit the glory of God. He will receive glory in Heaven. If we change how we think, we won’t have to worry about what we think. The effulgence of God’s glory is supposed to shine through us as the light of the world.