Wednesday Evening Service


There’s a lot of concern these days about dangers facing our country, but there is a much more serious danger facing our families. The Gospel is more important than politics. Satan wants to destroy your home, and he’ll use distractions to do it. He’ll attack the church through families.

One of Satan’s wiles is to keep us too busy. We get too busy for devotions. We get too busy for prayer. We get too busy for church. When we get too busy for these things, we’re telling God that we are too busy for Him.

One of Satan’s wiles is to keep us living in the past. We can’t go through life looking backwards. We only get old when we stop going forward. Neither should we dread the future.

One of Satan’s wiles is to get us to misunderstand our children. Do not use child-centered parenting; honor your spouse over the children. Child-centered parenting causes children to acquire an improper sense of self-importance. Narcissism is rampant enough already. Humans are designed to be dependent on family relationships, not independent. Children are supposed to adapt to the family, not the family to the child. Have a date night without the kids. It’s best for the kids to see affection between the spouses. Don’t treat your children as adults; teach them to respect and remember their place. A great marriage results in great parenting. Children need to be disciplined; this means training them to be self-governing. Be their parents now; you can be their friends later. Lead them from your convictions to have their own.

One of Satan’s wiles is to get us to worry about the future. We need to focus on God today. Realize the world is not about you. Teach your children to respect their parents by doing it yourself. Spouses complement each other; don’t be insecure. If the wife is trying to be the boss, consider: is the job vacant? Be compassionate to your spouse. Propriety is never wrong. One day will be our last day; live every day like it’s you last.