Wednesday Evening Service


God lets us endure. Christians are not given a smooth and easy life. We look at endurance as an obligation rather than an opportunity. Because of our trials, we should get strong in grace. We should not get strong in anger or bitterness. As Christians, we are supposed to share the truth that we have.

The Christian soldier has a Captain. Our Captain gives us orders, and these orders are not optional. We will have to endure hardness as a soldier; our Captain was made perfect through suffering. Fussing at a captain is insubordination. Our good soldiering is a result of submission to Christ.

The Christian soldier has comrades. We have comrades in prayer. We are not the only ones in the battle. As soldiers, we can talk with our Captain and receive encouragement from Him, and we can talk with our fellow-soldiers and receive encouragement from them. The Christian soldier does not have to fight alone.

The Christian soldier has armor. Regardless of how our families and friends may oppose Christianity, the Christian soldier has armor for defense. Our orders are to stand. Truth is one of our pieces of armor. Righteousness protects the heart. We bear the gospel of peace. The shield of faith is a general-purpose defense; having faith will give us a strategy that the enemy never thinks of. We need to pray for each other, that we may endure.

The Christian soldier fights a good fight. There are other fights, which can be distracting. The good fight is the fight of faith. It is fought with spiritual weapons. Success comes from God’s way, not the world’s way. You should know beyond doubt that Heaven is your home, and then share that with others. We are charged to war a good warfare.

The Christian soldier endures hardness. The world will give us a hard time because they’re searching for something solid.