Wednesday Evening Service


Our job as a steward is to make good use of what God has trusted us with. Faithful stewards are trustworthy. God has given to us time, talents, and treasures. The Bible clearly teaches that everything we have is really God’s; we are just the managers of His possessions.

We must be good stewards of our time. God has plans for our time, but gives us free choice. We have only a set amount of time in our lives. There are some Biblical principles that God gives to use our time wisely.

Our time is a gift from God. He has given us a set amount of time to use for His glory. Not only has He given us this life, but He has also given us eternal life. We only spend each minute once.

Our time is short. We should number our days, considering what little time we have. We are tempted to think we have a lot of time, but we have no guarantees.

We must make every moment count. Putting off serving God until “later” is a horrible mistake. We should obey God and our other authorities right now. We should not put off serving God. Many people will find themselves in Hell by waiting for a more “convenient” time to get saved.

We must have the proper priorities. Time is a valuable asset. Success or failure can be determined by one’s priorities. We need to be sure we’re getting the right things done. Having a schedule is important.

Make a list of all your obligations and responsibilities. Prioritize the list according to the Bible, not according to your own wants. Give to each the time required to do it. Assign a time for each. Finally, live the schedule.

Successful people are not just lucky. They are self-disciplined. Jesus’ term for us is “disciple” or “disciplined one.”

We must live our lives seriously and not flippantly. Some things will just have to go, to make room for the truly important things. We should live our life on purpose. Spontaneous decisions are often wrong; we need to live by principles. Procrastination is the enemy of time.

We must be a constant reminder to the lost of their need for salvation. Leading others to Christ is the most important aspect of our lives.