Sunday Morning Service


A successful life is not what the world thinks it is; material possessions and health are not indicators of success. We need to have a love of the Book. The Bible has drama, mystery, action, romance, and adventure. It also has good doctrine. We need to meditate on the Bible. We can’t do what we’re not thinking about. We need to do what the Bible says. Once we have all that in place, we’ll have good success.

These steps help us to be happy. The word “blessed” includes the connotation of happiness. We need to keep our eyes on Christ rather than our circumstances.

We need to avoid the counsel of the world. Young people should not listen to ungodly peers. Don’t stand where the wicked stand. Don’t sit with scorners; scorners are those who constantly complain about the rules.

We need to meditate in God’s Word. Being dependent on God prevents a slew of problems. We need to ruminate His Word.

God’s prosperity comes to those who live right. A good conscience makes the best pillow. Sin is expensive, financially and otherwise; those who live right are more prosperous just by default, and God blesses above and beyond that.