Sunday Evening Service


Nehemiah had a burden for his homeland. Nehemiah is a book about revival. Discouraged people become determined. They had a change of heart due to the man of God bringing the Word of God to the people of God.

The “nobles” in verse 5 were the type of people who knew what to do but didn’t work; they act as hindrances to the work of God. They had large egos.

Everyone has “issues;” no one is perfect. We have work to do for God; we have hindrances to the work, and most of the hindrances are from within. The reason we don’t see people saved is because we make excuses for ourselves; we don’t want to get “too involved.” When people refuse to get involved, it makes a harder load for everyone else and breeds resentment among the workers. Don’t refuse to get involved.

We fail to see the bigness of the vision God has for His work. We need a conviction that serving God is worth it.

We need to watch our motives. When you serve God, it does cost you (temporarily), but His blessings far outweigh anything you can give up.

We have the preserved Word of God in the King James Bible; don’t let contentions about the Word stop you from serving God.

Don’t let disloyal people discourage you from serving God. We don’t have time to stop the work of God. Be wiling to join the work; once you start, it’s lots of fun!