Sunday Evening Service


God told us what He expects of us: to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with Him.

The people to whom Micah was speaking in Micah 6:3-8 were in controversy with God. Often we find ourselves contrary to God, as a result of being selfish. God had done much for the Israelites, and they were still in controversy with Him. When the Israelites were given manna, at first they were appreciative. After a time, they desired meat, and God gave it to them.

Micah’s in a hard spot, standing between the people and God. He has to tell them that God wants obedience rather than sacrifice.

It’s far better to do what God says now rather than rebuild your life later. Micah points out that God has already told them the good things He expects us to do. He specifically gives us three things.

Firstly, God expects us to do justly. It is just to not treat one person better than another. Hypocrites are unjust. We need God’s forgiveness for us before we can be just to others. Justice is righteousness; don’t try to find a way to circumvent the rules. People often claim they want justice when what they really want is mercy.

Secondly, God expects us to love mercy. Everyone appreciates receiving mercy, but God also wants us to give it. Mercy is giving of yourself to others.

Lastly, God expects us to walk humbly with Him. God will walk whether you walk with Him or not. Do not allow urgent things to take priority over important things. When you walk with God, it is a humble experience; He will remove your pride. Walking with God is always rewarding. People who walk with God find the blessing and power of God.