Sunday Evening Service


This is the only verse in the Bible containing the term “success” in the sense of a successful life. However, what God considers successful is often different than what we think of. There is no secret key to the Christian life, but there are six helpful ingredients.

The first ingredient is to be born again. You simply cannot be a Christian without being born again. It’s not possible to be a successful Christian without being a Christian. Going to church won’t make you a Christian; you must be born again.

The second ingredient is to worship God. God is jealous of Himself; we make idols out of other things in our lives. We spend time on what we love; we should spend time with God and our family. We should worship God genuinely with our hearts. We should not be ashamed to worship God just because the Charismatics are off-base; we were worshipping God long before they existed. In fact, Baptists were the first church, started in the time of Christ; all other churches degenerated from the Baptists.

The third ingredient is Bible reading and prayer. We are to give attendance to reading and prayer. The best way to do this is along the way. Do we believe in prayer? We do what we truly believe. Bible reading and prayer are essential to the Christian life.

The fourth ingredient is tithing and giving. It’s easy to get discouraged when we don’t have possessions, but even the poorest Christians in America live like royalty. Our homeless people are fat. Poverty in this country is completely different than poverty in other countries. We think that we can’t afford to give, but in fact God takes better care of us when we do. If we put God first, He will bless us. The tithe is ten percent and is required by God; offerings are above and beyond the tithe. We should be looking for ways to give.

The fifth ingredient is a heartfelt concern for the salvation of others. We need to witness to others, even when it’s uncomfortable. It’s the job of the Holy Spirit to convict the world of sin and righteousness; when we witness, people get saved because of Him, not because of us.

The sixth ingredient is to seek to know the Spirit-filled life. There is no secret to the Spirit-filled life; it is a life with the fruits of the Spirit. Ask God to fill you; we have not because we ask not or ask amiss. Submit yourself to be filled; pray and wait on Him. Trust Him to change you; He will change us from our sin and make us clean vessels. Trust Him to fill you; when we come to God with this, we must come believing.

There is no secret to the successful Christian life, but it does take work. There is an effort involved, and that requires desire and persistence.