Sunday Evening Service


David experienced several stages on his way to his victory song. David did pray for deliverance form the wicked, but this was not mere whining. David had real troubles; Saul was jealous to the point of murder. All David had was a small group of underdogs, often times fleeing from a great army. However, David never held a pity party; rather, he encouraged himself in the Lord.

Realize that troubles are real. Sometimes we just imagine them, but there are plenty of real troubles. Troubles can be exaggerated, but the troubles themselves are real.

Search your heart for secret sin. Each of us have blind spots; ask God to search your heart. God will show you your true heart if you are sincere. Take inventory once in a while. When God reveals previously-unknown sin, then act on it by getting it right.

Appeal to the Lord for heavenly intervention. The anger of the Lord is a scary thing. God does see everything that happens, but He still wants to hear us appealing to Him. God is in control; if we yield to Him, then He can work.

Lay bare your motive. Our motive should not be our own elevation. Our motive should be God’s glory; this is a pure motive. It is not good to do right actions done for the wrong reasons. If we have a servant’s heart, we won’t mind being treated like a servant. Sometimes stating our motive will change our mind.

Ask the Lord for a court hearing. God will judge according to our righteousness and integrity. God is love, but He does hate sin.

Remember that God will judge wrongdoing. We will reap what we sow. Our sin will find us out. Sometimes God’s justice is not immediate, but it always comes. Judgment must begin at the house of God.

Lay all the blame on the guilty party. When we are wrong, we need to recognize that and repent. When others are wrong, realize that they must repent or face God’s wrath; ask God to fix it. Don’t ever feel guilty for doing right. Don’t accept the blame if you didn’t do anything wrong.