Sunday Morning Service


God has all the answers for everything. Sometimes we don’t like His answers, but in reality they are the best. There’s a recipe for “making it” in Philippians chapter 4.

We have the privilege of prayer (verse 6). We have any opportunity we need to speak to our own Creator. Sometimes He won’t answer prayer; for example, if we have sin in our lives. God is a source of mercy for us. Every failure is a failure of prayer.

We have the peace of God (verse 7). Even in the worst tragedies, God brings a peace to His children. Peace is not the absence of strife; peace is in the midst of the storm.

We have the presence of God (verse 9). God Himself is with us no matter what. He goes with us through good times and bad.

We have the pattern of others before us (verse 10). Other Christians have already lived and died good lives for God. Others have made it through worse trials than we have; study how they made it through. Jesus was the first; He went through incredible trials and persevered.

We have the policy of contentment (verse 11). All Christians should be content. We must learn how to be content regardless of circumstances. This is not contentment in what we do, but contentment with what we get. We should not be covetous. We can be content if we really need to. Godliness with contentment is the way to live. Here’s a key when dealing with salesmen: if they need to know right now, then the answer is “no.”

We have the power of Christ (verse 13). Christ is the source of our strength. Power is both authority and ability. We can do all things in Christ. (Though we should not do things we can’t do in Christ).

We have the promise that our need will be provided (verse 19). Our need is Him. We must pray for our needs; God has promised to provide for us. Many Christians simply neglect to pray, attempting to provide for themselves without considering God.

Everyone’s life will end at some point. Will you die as a quitter or as one who persevered? We cannot control whether we die, but we can control whether we die well. We are created and intended to be like Jesus. You can make it!