Wednesday Evening Service


The man who had been cast out of church had gotten right, and Paul recommended the church to receive him back. The reason he gives for forgiveness is to prevent Satan from getting an advantage.

Satan wishes to divide Christians from God. He also wants to divide Christian from each other. He’ll divide families, if he can. He likes to divide friends.

Satan is a deceiver; he deceives men and women. He’ll use a person’s own heart to deceive him. He deceives some people enough that they commit suicide. He deceives people into thinking that they are the exception; proud Christians fall into sin. He deceives many Christians into being rebellious.

Satan defeats those he divides and deceives. He uses money to defeat people. He’ll use people to accomplish his work. He uses gossip frequently. Gossip is one of the most damaging sins. He’ll use circumstances to defeat us if he can. He can use good things at the wrong time to trip us up.

Satan devours those he can. One purpose of preaching is to prevent Christians from being devoured.