Wednesday Evening Service


Consider the eleventh verse: many Christians are ignorant of Satan’s devices. Christians can get caught up in bad things without really paying attention and noticing that Satan is behind them.

Satan is a master deceiver, with a goal of division. He attempts to get us first to doubt, then to deny, and finally to defy. When he succeeds, he defeats us. Christians cannot be possessed, but we can be defeated if we give Satan place.

Satan will devour us if he can. He cannot devour those close to the Holy Spirit; the “fringe” Christians are the ones in danger. Satan will get us caught up in Satanic things, such as Twilight and True Blood. “I can handle it” is the famous last phrase of many tragedies. He often targets unsuspecting children and curious teenagers; Christian youth will look at the world and be drawn to it.

He’ll devour anyone who is an easy target. He has a pretty good idea who is vulnerable and who is not. God and our God-appointed authorities give us rules to protect us. We should be safe within God’s path, not “walking the line.” We fall the way we’re leaning.

Satan knows when to attack. Pride is a telltale signal. Satan is smarter than we are. Another signal is when Christians walk with worldly friends. Satan can remove your health and wealth, but he cannot remove your testimony without your consent. When Christians realize that Satan is real, they will act differently.

Satan is already defeated; one day, everything he has will be taken from him. His future is in the lake of fire.

Jesus Christ gives us the power to resist Satan’s influence in our lives. He is our advocate. We have the victory, if we would just use it. The only reason Christians fall is that they get separated from God, which leaves them open to deception, defeat, and devouring. We are ignorant of Satan’s devices only because we are not in the Word of God. Satan can only do what we allow him to do. The gates of hell shall not prevail against the church.