Wednesday Evening Service


If you’ve never repented of your sins, you must do so, or you will perish. What is repentance? Repentance is a turning around.

God does not want anyone to perish; He wants everyone to repent. God commands us to preach repentance in the Great Commission; Matthew tells us to teach; Mark tells us to preach; Luke tells us to preach repentance; John tells us that we are sent by Jesus in the same way He was sent to us.

Jesus came for the express reason of calling sinners to repentance. Repentance has been important since the very first sin of believing Satan rather than God.

Unbelief is the most wicked of all sins. It is the initial sin that allows countless others; it is responsible for other sins. The greatest commandment cannot be obeyed by an unbeliever. Unbelief places people under the power of Satan. It makes our lives fit for nothing but to be hated.

Unbelief puts everyone on even ground as deserving of hell. Repentance is turning from the sin of unbelief and the other sins caused by unbelief.

Jesus Christ points to two examples of repentance. One example was Nineveh. This is not a works salvation; true faith has works. When a person repents, they get out of the way of the sin that had hurt them for so long.

Evidences of genuine repentance in an individual’s life:

Carefulness – People become careful about sin instead of careless about sin.

Cleaning – People’s sins are taken away and are clean.

Indignation – The fear of the Lord is to hate evil.

Fear – When people get saved, the fear of God becomes part of their life.

Vehement desire – People receive a thirst for holiness and the things of God.

Zeal – People get enthusiasm for doing what God wants us to do.

Revenge – People get revenge on disobedience by being obedient to God.

God got several things from repentant sinners: our bodies, our lives, our love, and our song. The death of Christ was not in vain; saved people are reconciled to God and living for Him. God changes people during repentance.

After salvation, repentance should become a way of life. God never tires of you coming to Him with your sins. We should ask for forgiveness of our sins every day.