Sunday Morning Service


When a pastor refers to a church as “my” church, this is in an associative sense rather than a possessive sense. A pastor is an under-shepherd of his church; Jesus is the shepherd. There are six major items of note in Psalms 23 when viewed from the sheep’s perspective.

Notice the person. Our shepherd is the Lord; He should be the first and foremost in our lives. He is our shepherd, in charge of moving the sheep. He moves them to get what they need for healthy growth. The Shepherd has authority to place the sheep where He will.

Notice the preparation. He makes us lie down. As the Shepherd, He does things for the good of the flock. He leads us beside still waters.

Notice the process of preparation. Through the process of restoration, we learn to depend on Him. It is often necessary to go through hurt so we can go though restoration.

Notice the protection. We do walk through places of danger, but we do not have to fear. His rod and staff are comforting.

Notice the provision. This provision is not provided in an alternate location, but right were we are in the midst of our enemies. Our provisions may not consist of what we want, but it will be what we need.

Notice the praise. Goodness and mercy shall be our companions. Justice brings judgment, but we have mercy. We have all of this, and Heaven too!