Sunday Evening Service


Revival is something that we can have; it does not have to be in the past. There are three kinds of prayer men should do: prayer should be consistent, continual, and committed. Committed prayer brings personal revival. We need prayer the most when it seems like a burden to us.

Revival has occurred in every kind of circumstance. Wicked kings cannot stop it. Personal revival can happen in the worst of conditions; it needs only the presence of God and a tender heart. There are four prayers that help deepen our walk with God, allowing personal revival.

A prayer of surrender is a prayer of revival. Ask Him to search you and yield to Him everything that is found. God already knows about our heart, but we don’t. God gives us proper desires if we surrender to Him. When we pray to God to use us, we must be prepared to be used. God can point out our sins better than we can. When surrendering to God, we confess sin that He shows us. God will not lead a disobedient Christian; He will wait patiently for us to get right first.

A prayer of salvation is a prayer of revival. When Christians really understand what God did for them when He saved them, they experience revival. Our life is merely temporary, but salvation grants eternal life. Saved people get to spend eternity in Heaven with God. He keeps our prayers in vials, like love letters. If we realize what we have in salvation rather than getting used to it, we would live in revival. God gives us security in salvation.

A prayer of direction is a prayer of revival. We need to be tuned into the way of God. We need to understand His way to have revival. Our way is insufficient. Most people can’t find the will of God the same way a thief can’t find a policeman; they’re not really looking and they don’t really want to find it. Being in the will of God changes what we do and how we think. Do you want God’s direction badly enough that it hurts? Begin doing the right that you already know to do, and God will show you the next step.