Missions Conference Service


We have a battle to fight, just like knights of old. Our battle is spiritual, not physical. We must put on our armor daily.

We have the belt of truth. Our Bible is not only preserved by God, but inspired by God. We were created by God, not the Big Bang. We were created in His image. We must believe that Christ was born of a virgin; otherwise, He would have had original sin. Jesus was the divine Son of God. God is a triune God.

We have the breastplate of righteousness. As Christians, we should live righteously for Him. God does not require a perfect vessel, but a clean vessel. We should live this way because we love Him and to be more effective for Him.

We have the shoes of the gospel of peace. We can share the Gospel with others, and we should live a peaceably with men.

We have the shield of faith. If we can trust Christ for our eternal destiny, then we can trust Christ for our temporal needs. He has proven Himself faithful by providing for His people through the ages. God is pleased by our faith.

We have the helmet of salvation. This is given to us by God when we get saved.

We have the sword of the Spirit. This is an offensive weapon, not a piece of defensive armor. God’s Word is the weapon that we have to use. Jesus Christ used His Word to rebuke Satan when He was tempted. Satan attempts to remove our weapon whenever he can.

We should wear the armor because it allows the Holy Spirit to have control instead of our flesh. This is a battle we all face every day. We need to ask for God’s help every day. Our armor protects us from Satan’s attacks. Once we’re saved, Satan cannot take us to Hell. His goal is then to make us ineffective by harming us spiritually.

We should wear the armor because it helps us to stand in the evil day. We never know when the battle comes; we need to put on our armor daily. We have the best Help for trouble as part of our lives.