Sunday Evening Service


When we get saved, our old man dies. Our past is passed away, and we get a new life.

We are given a new life by His grace. We become babes in Christ. Babies have a whole life ahead of them. As Christians, we can renew our spiritual lives after we mess up.

We are given a new heart by His power. Don’t let Satan continue to influence your heart; keep your heart after God.

We are given a new fruit by His Spirit. There is no law against gentleness and goodness. True fruits of the Spirit can’t be faked; they can only come from the Holy Spirit.

We are given a new path by His Word. We no longer have to walk the worldly way. Our steps are ordered by Him, if we allow it.

We are given a new covenant by His Son. A covenant is a mutual agreement. Our church covenant encourages individual holiness. Jesus fulfilled the old covenant, as the Lamb slain for our sins.

We are given a new vision by a miracle. When we set a match to our dreams, God will give us His. His plans for us are far greater than ours. People perish without a vision; each pastor needs a vision for his church. God can fulfill His vision for us.

We are given a new relations by Christ’s righteousness. Jesus is our big brother. He is our best friend, closer than family. Christ sanctifies us and puts the solitary in families.

With all these new things, who needs that old stuff? The Christian life is far superior to what God saved us from.