Sunday Morning Service


God provides rest for His children. This is not necessarily physical sleep. We get soul rest by taking His yoke. Jesus offers His yoke instead of being chained down by sin.

Many Christians live with God in their hearts, but neglect to follow Him in His yoke. They choose to continue being yoked to the world, and those two yokes fight against each other. Worldly pleasures do not bring satisfaction; they only bring stronger bondage. Only Jesus Christ can bring true satisfaction.

When our hearts are yoked to sin, it causes many problems in our lives. God knows how wicked our hearts are; He’ll give us the direction to reign in our hearts, if we would only listen to Him. God doesn’t want anyone destroyed by sin; He wants to save everyone and give everyone rest.

Grownups do their duty even when tired from working; children want to play when they’re tired of working. We need to believe God in order for Him to help us.

Help is in Christ. He offers help with our burdens.

Everyone who is under labor needs to see that help in Christ. We receive that help by taking His yoke.

A yoke is both a burden and a connection. Free time flows to our weakness, so we need to keep busy serving God. When we have life decisions, we should do God’s will rather than follow the world’s advice.

The purpose of taking the yoke is to learn of Christ and receive soul rest. Soul rest prevents envy. Rest does not mean not working; it does imply contentment. The yoke of Jesus is easy because He does the heavy lifting; we get to help. The burden of His yoke is to obey His Words.