Wednesday Evening Service


We often have a question of what to do. This steward was unjust, but ended up being commended because he was able to find a way out. Christians should be above reproach in their business dealings. We should be so honest in our business dealings that when hard times come, our contacts will not be adverse to helping us.

There are several questions to consider when answering our question of what we should do. Too often we do not evaluate our decisions in the light of Scripture simply because we’ve already decided that we’re going to do what we want to do. Whether or not others do it is immaterial; we will give account for our own lives, not those of others.

Does it honor God? When considering an activity, could you envision Jesus doing it? Everything we do should bring glory to God.

Does it appear evil? Evil is anything to do with wrong or mischievousness. An activity may not be actually evil but may have the appearance of evil.

Could Christ be a partner to it? As a Christian, Jesus is always with us. Some activities are perfectly acceptable to do with Christ, but often times the alternative is more appealing to our flesh. We cannot do things contrary to Scripture and expect God to bless us.

Is it worldly? Worldly is anything of a temporal, sensual nature. We should own our things, rather than our things owning us. Are we bent on gain?

Will it cause stumbling? We should not cause other Christians to fall. We may have liberties that other Christians would not be able to handle. Just because we can doesn’t mean we should.

How would believers advise? Every Christian should have a cabinet of advisors. Your pastor should be on your cabinet. Your peers should not be on your cabinet. When looking for advice, we should be looking for answers rather than allies.

Is there any doubt? If the Holy Spirit makes you hesitate, then it’s not a good idea. If there’s any doubt, leave it out.

These are good principles for everyday decisions. Predetermined answers increase our likelihood of making the correct decision. We should live these principles and not make decisions on the fly.