Sunday Morning Service


Our theme for this year is going the second mile. This means doing more than what is just required of us. No one enjoys sitting on the bench when playing sports; why are Christians content to be benched spiritually?

There are many parallels between a church and a football team. The quarterback receives instructions from the coach, and the team must work together to carry out the play. A lineman uses a four-point stance as part of the front-line defense. A football team must have offense as well as defense. There’s a half-game pep talk given to the team; our church is now halfway through its second mile endeavor. It’s easy to get tired at the halfway point; rest, but do not quit!

The four-point lineman stance is designed to create an impact involving the entire body. There are four points that help Christians hold the line.

Point one: live life in well doing. We have a tendency to want everything to be easy. Life can be lost in a moment, but it can be wasted by the minute. There’s a difference between doing well (making money) and well doing (focused on others).

Point two: a danger to be feared. There’s no need to fear the preacher. One danger to be feared is getting weary. When we get tired, it’s easier for Satan to attack.

Point three: a promise to be claimed. If we persevere, we shall reap in due season. Successful teams execute the coach’s plan. If you’re watching the clock, your eyes are off your opponents.

Point four: a condition to be met. Faint not! If a man does not quit, he can succeed. We can all obtain the prize of the calling of Christ, if we do not quit. If you want God to use you, don’t give up! Life is intended to be lived.

None of these points do any good to the person who’s not even on the team. There are people who follow and hang out with sports teams, but they are not part of the team. There is only one way to join God’s team: receive Jesus Christ.