Wednesday Evening Service


What happens when the needs of the lost become the primary focus in a Christian’s life? We need Jesus to make a difference, so we should first give ourselves to Christ. God is looking for willing servants, not necessarily people who have a lot to give. When we give to missions, we’re saying that we love God. Giving results in fellowship. Jesus is our example in giving; He gave all. Your motive will determine how God will use you. The primary scripture passage deals with four men who were friends of a lame man.

The four men had an extraordinary motive: the presence of Christ. The presence of Christ is a great motive for us. God is capable of doing anything. The prevailing condition was a secondary motive. Many people were thronging Jesus, and today they still seek Him. We must not lose our desire for soul-winning.

The friends of the palsied man used an extraordinary mode to get him to Christ. Problems come to those who try to serve Christ, but His plan continues. Sometimes God closes a door so He can open a roof.

The four men witnessed an extraordinary miracle. Not only was the man healed of his palsy, he was forgiven of his sins. Salvation is the greatest miracle. God honors our faith when we make the first move for Him. The people present at the healing saw something they’d never seen before. We need to focus on eternal matters.