Wednesday Evening Service


God took the Israelites into captivity for worshipping idols. The Babylonians had captured Israel, and at this time a remnant had been sent back to rebuild the temple. As they were building, they got distracted by other concerns. They built their own houses first, and God sent Haggai to tell the Jews to reconsider their priorities.

We need to take time once in a while to evaluate our priorities. Just because God hasn’t judged us yet doesn’t mean we’re doing right. God wants to be foremost. It’s easy for us to get busy in our everyday lives and let the things of God slip to the wayside. God doesn’t want us to get satisfied with our spiritual walk; He wants us to be continually growing.

Kindness is very important in the Christian life; it is doing things for others. People are not naturally kind, but selfish. Kindness is putting others before ourselves. Jesus Christ is our example of kindness; everywhere He went, He was helping people.

We show kindness by being helpful to others. We have a tendency to be concerned about our own well-being, and it’s easy to get focused on our own needs. We need to be busy helping others.

We show kindness by not forcing others to fit our molds. Some people act like their preferences are doctrine, and act unkind to those who appear a little strange to them.

We show kindness by not being judgmental. Judgment calls are necessary, but we shouldn’t be telling others how to live their own lives.

We show kindness by letting God change people. When others are wrong, it is our job to love one another rather than be critical. The Holy Spirit is the one who convicts others. You can’t clean a fish until you catch it.

When we are unkind, we are barren (without fruit). When we show the love of God through kindness, we can help others to Christ.