Sunday Evening Service


We can choose what to fill our lives with: the fruit of the Spirit or the works of the flesh. All fruit of the Spirit should be a part of the Christian life, but tonight we’re focusing on joy. As Christians, we should have joy simply because what God has done for us.

We need to keep the joy of our salvation. We deserve Hell, and that’s all. It is only through God’s mercy that we can go to Heaven. We must keep this in mind. It is possible for Christians to lose the joy of their salvation. We must constantly remember what God has done for us. Too many people get more excited about football than about Heaven.

David is one example of not keeping his mind where it should have been. He fell into sin as a result, and the result of sin is always death. When this happened, David had already lost the joy of his salvation.

It is easy for us to lose the joy of our salvation if we get too busy with worldly things. We are supposed to be witnesses of Christ, and that requires being joyful. If we are excited about something, then we tell others about it. We don’t want to find ourselves in the same position that David did.

We need a lively hope. One thing that will hinder our joy is wrong relationships. We need to keep our relationships right, regardless of the type of relationship. Be careful how much time you spend with certain people. You are right now or soon shall be exactly as your friends are.

We need to follow God’s commandments to keep our joy full. We are stewards of what God has given us, and He has left instructions for us. God intends for our joy to remain; we only lose it when we walk away from it.

God intends for us to finish our course with joy. We can have joy all they way through life, and we ought to be excited about serving God even at the end of our lives. Many Christians start off with joy and lose it along the way, and then pride keeps them from coming back and they end up miserable. God never intended that! He wants us to have a happy, joyful, fulfilled life in serving Him. Don’t let the business and care of this world steal your joy.