Sunday Morning Service


We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday. It is a good thing that He resurrected, because of our sin and guilt. Our testimony is that we each hold a partial responsibility in the death of an innocent man, Jesus Christ. He became our atonement for all our sins, even the ones we think are hidden. Truth always comes to the top sooner or later. God knows us completely.

Jesus Christ resurrected publicly. Many people witnessed it. What God does for us is likewise not a secret; He offers forgiveness for our sins.

It was no secret that Jesus was going to raise from the dead. He told the apostles and others both in parables and plain language.

It is no secret that Jesus rose from the dead. Many witnesses were there. The truth of God has always been attacked; immediately after His resurrection, the religious leaders and government attempted to cover it up.

It will be no secret that He rose. It will become obvious to the world at the rapture, though Satan will respond with a great delusion. The time to get saved is before the rapture, not after.