Sunday Morning Service


The Black Regiment was a group of preachers in early America who taught liberty. As Americans and Christians, we have two foundations. Our money says “in God we trust,” but young Americans are being indoctrinated to trust in government instead.

We must go the second mile in repairing our foundations. Christ is the chief cornerstone; everything should line up with Him. Foundations are corrected by going back to the King James Bible. They are corroded when we “fix” the “mistakes” God made.

As Americans, we also have a second foundation of liberty. We need to become informed. As the Declaration of Independence and Constitution clearly state, our rights are derived from nature and nature’s God, not the government. The government does not grant rights. The high-level structure of our government is paralleled in Scripture.

We need to become involved. Contact your politicians directly, and share their answers with others. Vote whenever possible, and vote responsibly: you don’t get to pick it when you do a straight ticket.

We need to intercede. Don’t complain about leadership unless you pray for them first. The only political campaigners should be soul winners first. Christ must be first. The first foundation must be fixed before the second.